A Spotify playlist (IV): The complete Sonny Rollins

(Sonny Rollins in Barcelona on November 3. Source: SonnyRollins.com)

With no time to spare this week because of the London Jazz Festival, and Sonny Rollins' sold out gig tomorrow night at Barbican, the natural thing to do is to re-link my "complete" Rollins playlist in Spotify. Of course it's not complete, but with 540 tracks (about two days of straight listening), it's nearly there, from his debut on record with Babs Gonzales in 1949 to his live trio recordings with Christian McBride and Roy Haynes at Carnegie Hall in 2007, through all of his many peaks.


Sin apenas tiempo para nada esta semana, por el Festival de Jazz de Londres, y teniendo en cuenta que mañana es el concierto, con todo el papel vendido, de Sonny Rollins en el Barbican, lo propio es volver a colgar el enlace a las grabaciones "completas" de Rollins en Spotify. Obviamente no son todas sus grabaciones, pero con 540 temas (un par de días enteros de escucha ininterrumpida), no anda demasiado lejos, desde su debut en disco con Babs Gonzales en 1949 hasta sus grabaciones de 2007 a trío con Christian McBride y Roy Haynes en el Carnegie Hall, pasando por todas las cimas de su fructífera carrera.

Que lo disfruten.


ulyssestone said...

Nice, check out the complete Coltrane on Spotify here: http://www.spotifyclassical.com/2010/10/better-way-to-browse-coltrane-albums-on.html

Fernando Ortiz de Urbina said...

Nice too.

Coltrane is someone I'll tackle at some point, but with the same approach I took for Rollins, in chronological order, anything with him on, as a leader or sideman... in my Rollins list you even have the stuff he did with the Stones.


Fernando Ortiz de Urbina said...
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Fernando Ortiz de Urbina said...

2013.01.20 - actualización:

He añadido temas de las siguientes sesiones:

- Con Clifford Brown, en directo desde el Continental Restaurant, Norfolk (Virginia). 1956/06/18 (7 temas)

- Con Miles Davis, en directo desde el Café Bohemia, 1957/07 (4 temas)

- Con Don Cherry en Copenhague, Dinamarca, 1963/01/15 (5 temas)

- Trío con Jymie Merritt y Max Roach, Graz, Austria, 1966/11/12 (3 temas)

Fernando Ortiz de Urbina said...

2013.01.20 UPDATE:

Tracks from the following sessions have been added:

- With Clifford Brown, live at the Continental Restaurant, Norfolk (VA). 1956/06/18 (7 tracks)

- With Miles Davis, live at Café Bohemia, 1957/07 (4 tracks)

- With Don Cherry in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1963/01/15 (5 tracks)

- Trio with Jymie Merritt and Max Roach, Graz, Austria, 1966/11/12 (3 tracks)