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As you can see, I've been fiddling with the appearance of Easy Does It. I've made some changes in the distribution, have enlarged the typeface for posts (and shrinked it for the other departments.) I spend most of my waking hours in front of a screen, and I think the dark background will help readers, but any feedback will be most welcome. At the end of the day, the main point is for the blog to be readable.


Bird cumple 90

Tal día como hoy nació en Kansas City (Missouri) Charlie Parker. El texto que sigue a continuación salió en su día en la revista mexicana La Tempestad y en Tomajazz.


Jazz in Chile, today: Cristian Cuturrufo

More from Tempo:

Cristian Cuturrufo Quinteto:

Cristian Cuturrufo: trumpet;
Jimmy Coll: tenor sax;
Dani Lencina: guitar;
Cristian Monreal: double bass; and
Carlos Cortés: drums,

play in June 2008 at the Musicámara hall in Universidad de Valparaíso.

Note the "Blues March" tag on "Coleguita Swing".

"Coleguita swing"


"Habanera para Pirisón"



New kid on the blog: Caye López

Una de las características del jazz como afición es que somos tan pocos que no se tarda demasiado en empezar a reconocer caras en festivales y clubes.


Jazz in Chile, today: Christian Gálvez

More from Tempo:

Christian Gálvez Quartet:

Andrés Pérez: tenor sax;
Christian Gálvez: six-string electric bass;
Eduardo Peña: double bass; and
Félix Lecaros: drums,

play "Imaginario" (Gálvez, 2007), recorded in June 2008 at the Musicámara hall in Universidad de Valparaíso.


PS: Herman Leonard (1923-2010)

Leonard talks (in December 2008) about how he got started, his dealings with club owners, lightning, Norman Granz, Billie Holiday, Miles Davis (his "best photographic subject ever"), his philosophy of life, digital v. film..., and photoshop(!)


Herman Leonard (1923-2010)

Herman Leonard in January 2008 (photo by Philip DeFalco)

Jazz is a true 20th century phenomenon. Although it is music, it has an extremely powerful visual component. It might even be argued that for many jazz is easier to identify with certain images than with sounds.


Jazz in Chile, today: Jorge Díaz Trío

More from Tempo. Patricio Muñoz, director of the series, tells me that it'll be broadcast starting on Sunday September 26th, at 21:30 (Chilean and US East Coast time), on Canal 13 Cable, in Chile (which apparently can be watched live on line, go here on the date and click on "véanos en vivo"), and from then on every Sunday till December 5th. A DVD of the series will be launched in November.


Jazz in Chile, today: Los Ogros del Swing

Back in March I linked some videos as a taster of the history of jazz in Chile. The same producers of that series, dereojo, are about to release (first in Chile's Canal 13, then on DVD) Tempo a new series entirely devoted to the current scene, comprising eleven episodes devoted to eleven bands plus four guest soloists.

In the coming days I'll be posting some of those videos, which are quite a showcase for these bands.